Nss Grc

Installation Service

It is the service of making NSS GRC ready for service which you can use via cloud or on-prem platforms based on your preference. The application platform in which the relevant standard structures, risk and control catalogs will be included based on preference is made ready and put into service with the application access information and user manual.

and Support Service

  • Registration, rapid intervention, error correction of problem notifications and requests
  • Analyzing the problems encountered and change requests correctly and integrating them into the product in a way in which they meet the needs and do not cause disruptions in the operation of the existing system
  • Conducting preliminary tests and posting them after they passed the necessary quality controls
  • Providing fast and effective communication on product use and problem solving
  • Promoting request management in order for the requested new features to be included in the next version
  • Posting of version notes
  • Increasing the reliability of the software and preventing possible errors by detecting them before they occur (correcting errors resulting from security tests)

and Integration Consultancy

Solution suggestions are offered as a result of analyzing the current processes of your organization and it is ensured that the following customizations are made;

  • The customization of catalog contents (control, risk, threat, vulnerability, opportunity, etc.) that can be presented to you by default in the application
  • Arrangement of configuration parameters and methodology in accordance with your relevant process design
  • Uploading the internal regulations and their controls to the application of which you want to manage the compliance
  • To perform integration analysis, coding and testing studies together with the application managers for integration with different applications used within the organization